for the well-marked retraction of the head, the speedy death,
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blended with its arterial coat ; in aged persons the separation of this sheath
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Hughes: This is still in the very early stages, but one of
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Olitoris (clai^to-ris or clit^o-rts, L. cll^to-ris).
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mond Hospital, Surgeon Swift's Hospital for Lunatics, 8 Ely-place,
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but not stertorous; sometimes he has convulsions, quasi epileptic; sometimes
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Ferguson, Dr. J. C, on poisoning from muriate of barytes, . 271
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He is responsible for seeing that the medical orderly attached to each
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peritonitis, with old tuberculosis of the apices of the lungs. No special physical
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between mere theory and practice. If pus-cavities, as
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nosis of pyelitis was either made or rendered probable by the
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quickly to a blood red and finally disappears. Husemann states that
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extent, pressing deeply upon the brain and firmly held in its abnormal
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By J. Fred. Clarke, A.M., M.D., of Fairfield, Iowa.
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disorders of accommodation and refraction, Snellen's types are
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it lies upon the tenth rib at the right middle axillary line. All these
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When a catheter is passed, it will be arrested when it comes
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of microbic origin. First, to destroy their germs as soon after invasion
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to be inserted beneath the laminae and served to keep the
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claim with unceasing opposition. Instances have come to the knowledge
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being especially careful to see that no additional harm is inflicted on
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of lemon, acted with marvellous rapidity. In addition to this, given
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deal with proposals in which a history of syphilis is disclosed.
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arterial circulation. And, when they co-exist in the same heart,
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poisonous substances. Cultures of No. 1 in subcutaneous doses
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Matthews, had resigned his position as surgeon in the army and
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diseases, siich as tuberculosis and typhoid. Fowls do
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procured a large stock of arsenic not long l>eforc?
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ity than one which is written by a mere compilation by an author who has only a
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second sound, and then by an interval of rest. After most care-
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tumors, etc., of the uterus, etc., may call for the same pro-
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with theology and law ; in the schools of Hippocrates and
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concave border blending with the papilla, whilst its convex edge ex-
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head of the child in an oblique way, and shows the advantage of this