this is suddenly checked, we experience the sensation of a

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toms, she has vertigo, fulness, and throbbing, which are peculiar to

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did. We said: "Previously there has been no requirement as to

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first noticed she was losing blood about 11 p.m. on May the 5th, but only having

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the difference in the results obtained. However, upon

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were they to occur in the practice of a surgeon today, would probably make

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tion still open to discussion. W. B. Hardy recently, in an

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of late years been adopted by the majority of authors and teachers. This

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cases of this class, either to their homes or to other receptacles, the number of

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stretch, or practising calisthenic exercises, — any-

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by boiling with fifteen drops of the acid it became more considerable. It

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by a single dose of any remedy, but require repeated and pro.onged adminstration."

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it may be also, of red blood cells ; and the area of encephalitis thus produced

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matism* She is engaged in ordinary household work, which is not

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embolism or transference of minute clots from the veins to the lungs and

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scribed for them by general practitioners who should

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portion was excised. The wound was dressed with gauze soaked in peroxide until

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of practising medicine acquired in an university in either King-

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ing in quantity at different times and under different circum-

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P. A. Surgeon R. Spear, detached from the Itla de Luzon, and

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one of the most characteristic features of the disease. In the majority of

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Eaii Medicinale, — The evidence of the infusion of colchi-

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indicate a difference in the rate of heat production as well as in that

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top of the clot being ascribable generally to the fact that slow