membrane lining the cul-de-sac had a smooth shining appear-
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the protoplasm is displaced by the fat, but does not suffer materially in its
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given by the Waldenburg apparatus. The normal respiration
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as a distilled water, used in flavouring. The berries are
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au fait at the business, but a regular, steady, and experi-
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performed at one sitting five times ; in two sittings twice.
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It li:is ofciirn'd to (lie roportor that the iiniiifdintc re-
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becomes more violent, or the patient screams and sheds tears, and thus the
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accepted by many of the licensing boards as part of the compulsory
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disturbance. A whole section of the patient's past life may be blotted
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lower angle of the jaw through the opening first no-
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in a state of muscular asthenia more pronounced than on his first visit. He was carried
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must be pushed not too slowly from periphery to centre ; if it be pushed
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cially operative in this countr}', owing to the early age at which ])crsons
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cases containing some simple antiseptic dressings, and
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The fourteenth annual meeting of the Branch was held at 315
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etc. (2) Fleeting fever, delirium of light grade. (3)
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the pupils are not affected, incontinence of urine does not occur, and the
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the health and circumstances of the patient at the time of seizure for the
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those who will stand strongest and wisest against the
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place spontaneously — delitescence— as in catarrh ; or it may
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if he desired to do so, and ho became a declared practitioner of
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more extensively on the urine of the earliest months of pregnancy, and on the
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toms disappear." (See Helbing's Modern Materia Medica, 1893.) Creosote
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the aneurysm was arterio-venous ; and they did not recog-
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the animal's natural food are found in its stomach and chyme in its small
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sions, always difiers from hysterical hemianesthesia in that in the
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The parasitic nature of the spherical and annular bodies being
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tion of mj patient, I sent at seven o'clock, P. M. for Messrs.
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2nd. That the so and excretions should he encouraged, and