spread, so as to involve se\eral groups of muscles. As a rule the habit
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ences the entire blood stratum, resulting in its enrichment
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stethoscope enables us to hear separately two sounds
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must be taken into account, and is always an added factor to
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forms the subject of an interesting paper by Dr. J. Ewing Mears, of
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temperature, ending in pulmonary complications, jaundice, and death. A
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past few years a gratifying increase in contributions
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patients died; one rejected amputation (Walton), and in
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bandage in a case of necrosis, when the operation had lasted over an
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a minimum lethal dose being the smallest amount of an eighteen hour culture
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creasote, chloroform, sugar, sulphur, acetate of lead, log-
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that the patient should be given nothing but an occasional sip of water. The
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nourishment. Firing was again employed. This operation caused wri-
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and perpetuation of Greek medicine in this district of the
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should be careful to employ both heat and nitric acid. Heat alone
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ingly precious, and being fully warned of the prob-
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yellow fever. Med. Rec, N. Y.. 1895, xlvii, 644-640.— Sn I-
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Physical signs. — Dulness under left clavicle and bronchial respiration, with sub-
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a patient be placed supine on a table so that the loins, back,
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ened life, and one should not delay until depression was marked.
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aspect. Here is one part of the sac that was beginning to necrose.
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an undoubted fact. Tyrosin is occasionally deposited from urines con-
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3. Hyperacidity occurs in the absence of gastric ulcer, but when
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diaphragm without rupture. The base of the right lower lobe shows signs
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pipe and water jug, and bread and fruit, and hunting tools, to cheer the
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Praepositus^ composed, at the request of his colleagues in
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ria spores," but the facts above mentioned, as well as many other
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If zoster be an acute specific disease second attacks should be