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pedal bone (c). The navicular bone is made to bear weight for which
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of lymph that are often present in purulent or mixed effusions.
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ing of the vessel wall, a trace of albumin, or a few casts in the urine. As
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enable the physician to make an early accurate diagnosis, and thereby
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authorities, to entertain applications for grants in respect of
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recovered without medication, and reared a family of twelve
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based on his or her understanding of the individual
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serve her well. So, again, the devotee of the ugly idol of fashion
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whether for sudden action or for continued action ; and it is indicated by
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up. They are usually arborescent, sometimes merely a straight short
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Of this solution five cubic centimetres are given sub-
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more reliable cycloplegic than homatropin. With this opinion
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advantage requires no proof, for it is plain that receiving discharges in an
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fungi and bacteria, cannot grow if deprived of them.
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the small intestines sustain a motion of alternate ascent and descent,
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Another treatment for severe cases or where lump is a hard
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ing, not only the symptoms, but the causes of diseases,
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sweating stage of fever; and very kindly offers us some in-
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acids, but less so in the case of the soaps. Here it was often difficult
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Journal, the “Letters to the Editor” feature was rated near,
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may reach a considerable size. A primary malignant growth of the great
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thinks further, also, that observations have been made in a narrow, one-sided
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Peritoneum and Connective Tissue we can hardly call
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physicians would doubtless have pronounced cancer. If the proper-
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Glasgow. — The " Kilmun Convalescent Home tor the Poor "
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tar, probably the creosote, so neutralizes and changes the cliaracter of tlie