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or mercurial vapors thoroughly sterilized instruments which had been arti-
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hysterical manifestations. A number of such cases have
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microscopical investigations were needed. Even this
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loss of this illustrious man, and in pronouncing splendid eulogiunis upon
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ordinary pretensions of Dr. Green (amongst which we may
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Dressings are of two general types, dry dressings and wet dress*
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prompted the questioning thought " Why?" To say that a man is rich
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lor their proper understanding. Nothing, he considered,
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disease ; but the dog, cat, calf and pig are immune " (Cagny
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characteristic bulbar symptoms become manifested. In this condition
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the process of " gargling " is impracticable, its application
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appear to be drawn away from its original line of attachment
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February 23. Cutaneous test with horsehair protein moderately positive.
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IL Pksicasditis, Mtocardiiis, and Endocabsitis .... 609
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which are strict parasites of widely distributed races are limited
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not become infected when sucking the blood. A temperature of
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little doubt that lie often added to his income by [jainting clients.
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that of a marble to that of a hen's egg. When cut through they
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None of them is pemaps more common than a low typhoid and febrile
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on the whole, seem to overbalance its benefits. The careful inquirer will first
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Cooke was a painstaking and laborious Practitioner • but ho
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. . vn^r ; -^i.Iution adopted by the National Quarantine and Sanitirr
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dicates at once that the writer is a teacher, probably a teacher of the old, impressive school
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it bringeth upon them unmightiness or impotence and
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malarial poison is capable of forming combinations with the particular
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rius. (After Megnin.; long coutinuance the real cause will be so masked
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be allowed to take their own formal whose interests, and ver}- means of life,
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this poison was for a long time the subject of fabulous and
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dropsy in the chest, or by occasioning an aneurism of the heart or