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Scotland, the annual parliamentary blue-books in question are

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Kovac, S. Robert, et al — Postoperative Epidural An-

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fracture of femur; operation; recovery. Rep. Superv.

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blocked, or when laryngofissure is done and packing is put on top of the

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m6d.-qnir. de la Habaiia, 1892, xviii, 113; 226. — Ulailaii

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who describes dysentery, and gives a long account of elephantiasis.

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Experimenting first on plants, he adopted the method

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line at the level of the fifth intercostal space. We measure the distance

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it only in Cornish and Swiss miners. Yet there is every

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McGraw, Theodore : Practical consideration of intes-

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tassium (slowly increasing doses until finally 360 grains

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a cogent reason for eschewing it altogether, or at least for at

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It is not so very long ago that it was necessary for a student

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coccus very extensive acute endarteritis. The case will be described

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of chyle. Timball^ collected 49 cases of mesenteric cysts with hemor-

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and we can bear personal testimony to the success of this

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made in all cases and in some triplicate or even quadruplicate. Only

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ing the afternoon on which I called, she died. Were the con-

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tions, there were two deaths, both cases of cancer.

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