of mediocrity. In the primitive stage of a community's life such
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greater proportion than, say, in lichen planus or lupus ; that there is a
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sent to these adjacent normal air-cells be greater in quantity than
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changed with preat care, not sooner than the third day. Only
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begun with cord desiccated for fourteen days, and preserved twenty
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Animals Infested, — The ox, the sheep and the goat.
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lower two or three inches of the rectum. Fistulas developing from
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The case presents many points of interest, and illustrates
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until the discharges ceased, and the reaction occurred. In some of the
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of Natural Philosophy and Chemistry, he succeeded in attracting
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at least where there is any smell ; but beyond keeping down
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phism called non causa pro causa, or the assignation of a false cause.
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this disease ; interesting, because of the wide diversity of opinion as to
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demands of the public vaccinator; to us he said distinctly
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parents being harassed with the constant attention these
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the pathological response on the part of the kidney, and a study of
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carnal knowledge of a man of a female child under the statutory
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number who live only a few weeks, we must conclude that
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levelling prejudices in the circles of the army of medical men,
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taining, the healthy action of the skin and kidneys, and of acting freely on
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xxviii, 473-479. — Trousseau (A.) Lupus et tuberculose
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Case of ? Lupus Erythematosus (Anomalous type), ? Folli-
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found in the ham and calf. This was opened with antiseptic
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Las Animas County Medical Society: Las Animas County 8
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physicians and other professionals by trying to be of
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the treatment of nose and throat diseases. I well remem-
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portant that practical confideration muft appear to every good