Dr. S. G. Dabney: I saw the fourth case referred to by Dr. Stucky ;
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of the faradic current. Good results have been obtained by the admin-
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Who will answer these natural and necessary questions ? Not
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normal in shape ; the diaphyses very short and poorly de-
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tirely at sea. The anatomical character of the fifth nerve
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of the patients suffering from scarlatina. This early albuminuria is usually
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pliance needful is a fountain syringe with a soft-rubber end-piece, which should
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forgotten how to understand speech, yet, by means of these in-
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ing Lancisi's work I found that he referred to the same case as
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It must be admitted that some slight evidence does exist to
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Hmj often succeed epidemics of measles, or of scarlatina, and sometimes
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seen a copper door-plate, or at least one to which acid
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Before any meal has been partaken of, or, in other words, upon first
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ence than the books describe it. I have seen oozing from the tongue
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penia is the loss of white blood corpuscles and may be obtained at my boarding house."
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in a cabinet about 5^- feet long, 4^ feet high, and 3 feet broad,
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thymus in them lies largely in the thorax and is closely
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causes the symptoms to be little noted. Therefore it is necessary
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egress of the menstrual blood from the cavity of the womb. When the
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formation of pus corpuscles in the gelatinous matter ; in others by an in-
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the capillaries beneath, but the death of the cells may occur in consequence of
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that all pass through the focus. This is also the burning
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report will do them justice ; but we certainly think we cannot
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In this little volume, which the reader cannot but wish
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Maddock's intimacy with " Lord Bacon, who was a physician
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Lesage gives the same characteristic distinctions for entamoeba histolyt-
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yoke a tolerant smile rather than an argument. But it is
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antiphlogistic, 3 to 5 grains ; as a cholagogue cathartic,