stricture, hypeme^thesia, etc., etc. In the rational
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tended, owing to the paralysis of the sympathetic centers. All
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and West Eoxbury. The buildings are to be erected from
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and Compounds. By Geoffrey Martin, B.Sc Lond. Illustrated. 16s. net.
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Accounts from Bagdad of the 7th of December state that the cholera
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in 1898, one year's academic work, in 1899 two years*
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five hundred years from the time of Hip- eral toxemia and thege toms have ยง een
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Under the hot-bath many died ; and of those who did not
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the CHO compounds of all kinds should be avoided as
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Koch's great secret has been disclosed in outline. Though
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The glycosuria was varial)le in amount, but 3 jier cent, was the highest
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of keeping such fragments absolutely quiet, even with the
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de mfed., Par., 1889, 2. s., xxii, 468- 471. Also, transl.
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without showing any qualitative alteration in their reaction to elec-
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the professional manipulators, which, useful as they often are, can
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this time. The urine was then found to be free from
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through a thick mist. An ominous roaring filled the ears, and
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actually conferring a benefit upon the applicant, by preventing him from
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The results of the autopsy may perhaps call attention to a remark made by
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It is important to have this case in mind in deciding on skin eruptions,
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solve the other soluble salts in the remainder of the
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Ik> ob.served. Tiie division is as sharp as if a line had been drawn.
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appeared. Seen at 10 A.M. Mouth drawn to left ; speech thick ;
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the volume and the quality of the sounds. To effect
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ly one and seven-eighths by one and three-fourths by
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tion would have been claimed by the interested parties.
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one other drug, in considerable measure I believe, the
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will bo seen in the vomited matters. If these symptoms con-
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and the result is sometimes quite satisfactory. The indications for
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(Read before the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Montreal.)