we select our remedies, but to our better judgment in the regu-

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that the remedy should be absolutely pure. Much of that which is sold

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degree of suffering, in some cases, is such that the inhalation of chloroform

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B.A. and B.Sc, Second Master of the High School, Nottingham. With

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In Dubhn the arithmetical mean temperature (4:5.9°) was 1.7°

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his trained auditors, the artist's Avork no longer commands a market, the

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carefully its market position, its percentages of physician

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leaves the organs in a weakened state. These direct causes, however, are

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days, when it falls by crisis. After an intermission of five or

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tion of his tissues; at least, if one may appeal to the observations of Chossat,

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-during life. Thej^ did not, and could not enter into its clinical

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their application in it, I must say, gives me great

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in the rete, and the stratuni granulosum was increased in

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observations lead are — firstly, that mitral regurgitation may be pro-

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of the faradic current. Good results have been obtained by the admin-

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and incomplete, if the affected muscles are not absolutely paralyzed, but

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where in the State, treat any disease, injury or deformity hy an appliance,

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dient of filling in the cavity of the ordinary shell with a

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serted in a late No. of the Lancet. Some of the facts we shall condense

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Now, what mercury could do in India, it was naturally

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on such vital organs as the stomach and lungs. At one time,

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amendment (Clause 7) is not put in quite such plain

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was apparently quiet and had been free from irritation

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physician from acting as a pharmacist and putting up not only

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Nosb. — At a recent meeting of the Homoeopathic Society of the

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the left ventricle associated with hypertrophy, or in simple dilatation of

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the following conclusions were deduce<i : ^^ The disease was an epiden

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the body and transformed into carbonates and thus render