may be still more strikingly the case. Trustworthy experimental

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long-term carrier, increasing the risk of transmissibility

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Medical Association has expressed its disapproval of

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In heart disease the most important ophthalmoscopic change is

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become perfectly free and regular after the operation,

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The skin over a goitre is sometimes of normal appearance, sometimes it

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Rheumatoid Arthritis ; Second Contribution, Ibid., 1913, cxlv, 423 ; The

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and also the virus of milk sickness are almost constantly found in the

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leads to a change (generally depression) in the irritability of the muscle

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the foot, the particular direction of the obliquity is due to this synchronous

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destruction brought about, as was seen at the autopsy.

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betes, and in certain conditions associated with purpura.

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effusion. Before proceeding to the description of the different classes,

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Congenital and Progressive Hypertrophy of the Bight Upper Extremity.

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their parents, and the parents of a considerable proportion

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move any bony deformity, benign neoplasm, or hyper-

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passed into the esophagus in a downward and backward direction until

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ness of the cornea, or to permanent thickening and irritability of the

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[Abstr.l : Arch. Otol., N. Y., ISIll, xx, :():).— Tnfaiii (A.)

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augment the reader's stock of ideas, and powers of con-

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Capt. Jno. de B. W. Gardiner, Asst. Surgeon, granted leave of

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and, so far as we can learn, not pre^'iously observed.

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figures and conclusions without sufiicient investigation or

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The sense of heat which the patient experiences must be partly

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special characters unchanged through many generations

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considerable constitutional disturbance. Occasionally, in

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infection was participated in by Drs. Stengel, Scott, Pack-

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passages and of internal organs was also very interesting. The

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was dressed first with a zinc lotion, afterwards with one of chloride of lime, and

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nated, so plain and comprehensive in its principles, that we look

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so marked ; the left leg was softer and larger ; the right leg was still small and