characteristic reactional lesion — the tubercle." As clini-
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October, we were called on in 461 cases, in practically all of which
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at the last meeting of the American Medical Association {Journal
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of the blood. The amount of sugar in the blood of diabetic indiviiluals may
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instinct, and lie down to rest. Many a valuable life has been lost by the unwise
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1898 Darley-Hartley, William, Warreuville, Cape Town, South Africa.
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the digestive function in the alimentary tract, and also
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tion, but could never find any evidence of thrombosis. She
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tical lesion of one hemisphere is doubtful and if it oc-
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before we get a^itcites in the abdomen. Tlien, too, the spleen is not always
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ance to a statement so exceedingly deficient in precision of
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during their larval period had convulsions after metamorphosis. But
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" diarrhoea " in each of the years 1901-10 according to the classification
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ation. The radicles that have eminated from its centre, penetrated the
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the lymphatic type with the usual clinical phenomena — progressive weak-
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Behring's and that referred to, received from Dr. Prud-
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enema if not unduly exciting to the patient. Where the stomach
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Physicians have been found in Greece who made nine linear incisions in the
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Mitteilnugen der mediciuischeu Gesellschaft zu Tokyo. Tokyo.
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Dr. J. T. J. Battle: Could we have a journal without advertising?
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Nerves, union of, 96 ; motor of heart, 141 ; diphtherial
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Therapeutics. — Internally, excessively active drastic cathartic, in
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should be careful to employ both heat and nitric acid. Heat alone
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tablished, statistics are of little or no value in demonstrat-
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really think he is psychotic Dr. Fink?" "I have had the same
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neglect of these elementary diagnostic procedures."
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over by Professor Kratter, of Graz, formulated the fol-
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the evening is a more certain sign of improvement than a fall of
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The onset may be heralded by a rigor, which may be repeated
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which manifests itself as a diffuse form of erythema a few days