simple way of detaching the sac was devised. Before describing this modifica-
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It has been reported from India and the Straits Settlements and prevails exten-
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A few specific instances of the transfers effected I feel would
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are all effected or influenced to a considerable extent,
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Oct. 2. — Morning heat, 99°; evening, 100°. Pulse 112.
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Age seems to exert a considerable influence over the eruption,
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prevent the formation of abscesses from the coarser particles,
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zens, but also concerns their health. He urges the neces-
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subject than by a detail of one case that illustrates enough
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starch with a few drops of sulphuric acid, filter the solution, and
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ished, and at the date of the last report there was reason to hope for a favour-
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apparent, as the clinical condition frequently did not permit an
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cotton saturated with an alcoholic solution of salicylic acid, and
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Several other nerves enter and communicate in the tympanum.
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tigo, delirium, epileptiform convulsions, coma, sudden blind-
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long as the abdomen is moderately filled with fluid, the patients only
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two parts are then mixed as thoroughly as possible by drawing them up
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appendicitis in respect to diagnosis and treatment. The acute forms
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Pineoline does the work every time in skin diseases such as acne, barber's itch,
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Cryoscopic examination of the blood then furnishes normal values,
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an impairment of the muscular sense in the right arm and
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Dr. Herbert J. Higgs has resumed duties at the post-
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are dependent upon an extraordinary breaking-up of the
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especially in the naso-orbital angles or along the upper portions of
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members present of the Society, and presented to the Legislature.
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carried him to his home. He remained unconscious for several
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she had never seen such a case in all her experience, and had never
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as affording a dependent opening for free drainage ; and he always washed out
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World. E'lited by Chaeles E. Sajous, M.D., and seventy
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in any way against such an inference, because clinical experience certainly
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in large quantities. The two former are rapidly oxi-
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thrombophlebitis can be found. The big toe of the ri^t foot still
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distension that evening, although Dr. Cautley stated this was a
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iliac artei'y. The case is published in the seventh