reported to have spread over all Europe, is astonishing. In the
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opposite to the outer orifice of the tube was blown aside by the jet of gas com-
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This condition came quite within the description of cirrhosis
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the medical officer's duty toward his professional brethren in
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only by headache and slight feverishness after 3 p.m., March
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qualitative examination as quickly as possible after voiding. For this
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Division Headquarters and higher organizations. The RADC is
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cination, so great has been the rush which an alarm of small-pox
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has lost its sharp outline, and some of its prolongations. Later still the
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system of heating by the circulation of hot wfster was
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lobe and the relative inactivity of anterior lobe extracts. As to the controversy
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phenomena manifested in the structure and functions of the ani-
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them, if space were at my disposal. ¬ę who reads and observes know that
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the care and tfiipport. and medical and ^urKieal treatment, of those
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but had not been thought at the time to be dangerously ill.
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mical in some countries, especially in Valais. Some persons think,
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introduced into the radial artery, as recommended by Hun-
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erysipelas, asthenic in character, and resembling ty-
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oleum ricini ; these were varied, repeated, or alternated, according to
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was quickly reached that the urinary creatinine had its
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This is a serious operation, and the mortality is considerable; nevertheles>. it i-^
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or more marked in patches or zones. The appearance witli respect to redness
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to accomplish his prime purpose of serving the com-
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rate are, in no proper sense, charities. Their cost
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toxication, a sero-therapeutic injection, an infectious disease, or the
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For Biography and Portrait, see Chicago Clin. Eev.,
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out farther and farther above the tissues, whose deeper layers are not
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and it exerts a stimulating effect upon the nervous system.
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nouncement of the Faculty of Medicine, Montreal, Session of
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aging than to be met at the door of a sick-room by a nurse in her clean