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cent In 138 cases the ages were given ; the average
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i^uld be employed at first, and rest in the horizontal
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In moderate spasm of the lower limbs all the joints may be flexed, but
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feeling prevailed. Ail things considered, the meeting is universally regarded
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crescents or pigmented leucocytes, pointing to a recent infection which
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yet been introduced into Europe, would appear from the general im-
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five hours from the onset of the disease as compared with those
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Schwartze, in Halle, Germany, for the purpose of mention-
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■* " Beitrage zur Physiologie der Flimmerbewegung." Sep.
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examining the nose and throat as well as special osteopathic methods of exam-
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certain extent, the condition known as obesity or corpulency is produced.
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for this work, and colored by him after nature, to be complete
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oratory and still another conferences which were con-
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less marked diminution in the number of red blood-cells and in the
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rare, and when found is usually from decayed teeth.
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Of the nature of the pathological connection existing between these
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lieved by the application of heat and recovery promptly took
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ventriculi in such a manner that it communicates with both
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it would very rarely prove fatal. I have collected several cases in which the
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with a smaller quantity of these fluids, irritates more the intestinal
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Dr. William H. CoooEsnALL, of Richmond, read a paper of
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ably recommended that this be done ; but what should the sur-
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which was complete, involving both motion and sensation, extending over
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hemiplegia is more common than hemiantfisthcsia or hemianopsia.
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" Nothing was ever said to me by Mrs. H. or any other member of
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A curious misunderstanding has arisen with regard to the posi-