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examining the blood of the newly born he had always found an excess of red
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deaths in above hospitals (April 14 to June 4, 1915). (Charts, ibid. ; Tables,
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Kelsey one on Cold in the treatment of Diseases of Children, and Dr.
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much qualified to express his opinion from an examinatioi
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below the age of twenty, becomes common only after forty ; from iriueb
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A single disruptive discharge consisted of a principal
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O O C> O ifO CO O IT IT O IT ?> O CO C O O O «T O iT :r — O O LT O O O IT IT
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brought on merely from the immense amount of straining
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cient numbers of appropriately trained physicians are
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vaso motor paralysis exists in a high degree, or that some
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and preserved ; and, what is still more worthy of being recorded, though
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a double number of Schnitzler's lectures), and from a number of others
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formed that accounts parallel to this are common enough
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180G. Dr Bollock on the Analyfis of Animal Fluids. 45
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manly after an injury, that the dangers from sympathetic ophthalmia
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are the seat of an acute inflammatory oedema, with infiltration of the
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same natural process of reparation ; and thus the pathology of
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and the better health will the whole household have, because food or warm drink
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suppuration is still a vexed question ; in a certain number of cases the two
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Bepr.from: Ara. Gynaec. & Obst. J., N. Y., 1894, iv.
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* Clinical Lecture on Molluscum, by Francis Hale Thompson, London Lancet, May,
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must be preceded by proper evacuants: R sulph. quin. gr.
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altered within one to two hours after ingestion to a uniform mass of
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others circular and in others still it is triangular, especially in
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case in which there was an actual increase in the deposition of fat. These
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required. Idiocy has been here described as that condition in which the con-
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tions, such as migraine, asthma, gravel, haemorrhoids, diabetes, and ecze-
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for years, and they die of some intercurrent affection. Still others
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It is hardly necessary to say that if there be ground to suppose the attack
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Lond., 1900, 26. — Tiiorens (H.) Des deformali ns dou