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was very bad. I am convinced that, in such cases as

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Mr. Keginald Harrison stated in an article in the Lancet,

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The name of Harold J. Stiles is sufficient guarantee

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P. Grinnell, Burlington ; Dr. J. H. Jackson, Barre ; Dr. H. C.

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pass it the first thing and relieve the animal at once.

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Frederick, C. C, Buffalo. Rochester, DeLancey, Buffalo.

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be recognized in the red blood cells, but hematology is

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he thinks, we cannot rely upon the analyses that have been made

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3. That the vaso-motor change is a purely reflex pheno-

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I.) 'I'll,-, (^i)inposition of cioUed ti^h. J. Chem. Soc. I>ond.,

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the peritoneal fluid. In eight of the far advanced cases the peritoneal fluid was

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inhalations of this substance in five cases of asthma, and the

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secretion and the value of the thyroid activity in cases of toxaemia, it would

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involuntary. From beginning to end the tendency to large, watery

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fatal termination, as little checked or changed by all the means that art

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arduous labors of the compilers, that it is one of the

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I reiterate that from my standpoint an infectious dis-

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clot, and the serum was of a greenish, yellow color. The whole, serum and

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of these intuitions. I have specially dwelt on this

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them. So it behooves us as practitioners to know just what

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cise of the dorsal muscles can be allowed, and consequent-

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for the first time, brought prominently before us by the

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may certainly be to a certain extent abated, the comfort of the patient

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smooth, and then mixed with the other ingredients melted toge-

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and, second, the osmotic or dialytic circulation, which we have

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emia must be conceded as capable of causing general

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Editor — HARRY BECKMAN, M. D., Marquette University, Milwaukee

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epithelium of the tongue began to restore itself. Seventy-two per