an editorial giving a brief retrospect of the various stages which the antiseptic treat-
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Fig. 56 indicates the superficial relation of the pudic
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glands are the common point of metastases. This fact needs further
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teen-year-old girl, who, when she was eleven months of
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103-C°, the respiration being irregular and frequent and the
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frequency of the heart affection. The younger the sub-
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perhaps for years, the adoption of a really valuable means
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and which must be dealt with in a similar manner. When
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quinine, and periodical baths, especially the hot bath, the hot-air, vapour
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bv the hand, saying he was very glad to see me. From that
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Psychol. Ass. 1892-3, N. Y., 1894, 8.— IVietlen (A.) Bei-
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tion of the membrane, and when we perceive at the same time in-
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chemistry can be integrated into new understandings of the
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moderate degeneration and in those of rabbits a degeneration much
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for the first time in an attack of nephritic colic.
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the neck of the bladder, which is slow to disappear,
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the bile-ducts, and the acute infections, particularly typhoid fever {vide
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very effectually by enclosing the body of the patient in a common
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It was the same reason which caused the soldier boys
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extent by the use of glycerin as a diluent. But sedimentation still
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the Danish legal requirement, was a sufficient temperature to sterilize
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pound, nine ounces of pins. The duodenum was obstructed
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the mortality from primary small pox in London has been es-
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Dr. Sibson said that in the case referred to there was no
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inferior to that done abroad. The first is that too many of our
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determine whether or not disciplinary action is war-
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Peruna at one time had an enviable reputation, too. However, its sales
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and the pain and intolerance of light remit and cease ; to-
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body, and the eye was enucleated for another reason.
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is generally foreshadowed by the nature of these earlier Avarnings, though
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the vein by occluding it proximally, as in the opera-
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than in thyroid. In hair and muscle the amount increases with the ingestion
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duodenal cases gave symptoms for twenty years. It is difficult to say,
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which this is the physiological analogue. In its last analysis, after all,
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be given than to state that when a prescription is sent out without
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under the present imperfect system of registration, the vaccina-