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Bydra^^ogue cathartics, diuretics, and sudorifics are the means, also,

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of albuminuria and marked oedema are suggestive. The urinarA^ sediment

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It is such a laboratory as I have urged should exist

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ception of pulsus celer and pulsus tardus, we should replace the ex-

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about the portion of the uterus which had been left, and about the

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The direct observations in man seem to justify this ex-

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sommer and the early part of autumn. Indeed, its greater prevalence

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which I have analyzed, selecting those only the histories of which embrace

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any degree of emotional excitement, just as the cranial nerves

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another way. While the fibers of the internal portion of

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teritis. In the numerous instances in which pustules in the intes-

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served with distinction and faithfully until the cessation of

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laparotomy are too great. I have given ether in 120

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CO r-l CO 3<l Cv| rH CO rH rl • "^ •<*< <N rH

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these records commenced has the rainfall in Dublin exceeded

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to be involved primarily than cecum or colon. Many bacteria

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closely to curves from extracts of the pars intermedia which will be given

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Traumatic peritonitis usually begins with severe pain at the seat of

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nomenon in thf:; malignant form of diphtheria. It indicates the ca-

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good function in this bone. The mechanism of this injury is

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mencing at the surface of the most oxidizable metal, and thence

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ing the Civil War he had seen a large number of cases of

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Dr. S. urges the fact that the rose-coloured spots are absent in many cases

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the laryngeal adductor muscles, I used these words before

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of the Chinese and civilized aborigines is rice with veg-

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Note: The increasing frequency of resistant organisms