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HomoTory Degree. — That of M.D. was conferred on Dr. Moses Shaw,

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tism treated with good results is detailed. It is here shown

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culi. They are known as mulberry calculi. In cases of renal colic, the

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tion.] Post, okul., Krak6w, 1899, i, 318-322. — Begiie.

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liv List of Members arranged according to Date of Election.

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position of the thoracic and abdominal viscera, and the patient himself

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In many cases the process leaves the skin momentarily or definitely to

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hart Clarke, Skae, Tuke, and Westphal. Calmeil was the

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of Albany, N. Y. is preparing a second edition of his work on Medical

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the origin of the parasite outside the body. Dr. G. Jack be-

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office, only to tind that many of the patients who legiti-

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enumeration and brief description of the injuries that may

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1757, viii, 274.— Gill (D. H.) The relation of veterinarians

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were in evidence ; but they were all found to be free

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It was as large as a walnut. The skin over the tumour was

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