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complicated with fracture of the tibia. As to such fractures, he

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applied a little to the left of the spine; this plan is more difficult in execution

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Three times by phthisis balbi after irido-choroiditis, without injury.

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blister ; no calomel, nor any purgatives, diete absolue.

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here and there throughout the country, especially among

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its supposed normal position. A woman comes for advice,

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perfect cicatrices. This difference in the effects did not appear to be at all

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to investigate carefully the concurrence of conditions that have

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the patient is prevented from seeing objects in a bright sunlight, while

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structed by the disease everywhere pervading the cortex. The

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in former epidemics were again visited heavily ; whilst others, whose

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more severe cases, two, three, or four days were required for the

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similar causes variously modified, to assail the system through the same

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scourge were, Dr. Jellinek remarks, fruitless, and the measures

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this wholesale accidental poisoning does not proceed from an

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dies, stimulating collyria of various kinds were assiduously persevered in for

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doubtful whether any disease is carried in the form of

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set forth in the eighth chapter. Those centres^ as the region of

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X. On the Treatment of JDyeentery and Dysenteric JParalwis by

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protrusion in prolapsus is of less importance than the recognition

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upwards, and a little forwards. The blade is directed towards the jaw-bone,

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in the United Kingdom. Some twenty or thirty cases have been

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treatment of ardent fevers, that I could not in my conscience

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''Heart Faihire** and the Incurious Cofoner. — ^It is an

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such treatment. It is useless to treat a patient unles^

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both arms, both being equally affected; that, on the morning of the day on

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ration; and 3d, the development of new and morbid growths in the organs, as

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cases, and in others katatonic stupor or the ceaseless repe-

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People may develop a small skin cancer on the cheek or I

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detract from the good appearance of the figure. The

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One great source of error is our ignorance of the occurrence

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Taking lobar pneumonia (also called pleuropneumonia)

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I A miUUn^tre correipondi to one twenty-flfth of an English inch.