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of lemon, acted with marvellous rapidity. In addition to this, given
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to record the death of Professor Hume Brown, which took place
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under state control the various antitoxins for use in all state
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is made in the same manner as the preceding receipt.
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ordered a large quantity of wine and nutriment, the side to be
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even those at the breast. There is no reason to believe in iu
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vessel, but notwithstanding this precaution the disease soon broke out on
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practically no muscle fibres were present, and the bundles were replaced by
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from any tendency contained in the germ, but were merely the
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nervous system seem unusually obtuse ; in short, should
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tics, is well characterized by the usual evidences of inflammation.
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return for further examination so that later conditions cannot
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The Intravenous Administration of Drugs. — Mendel'
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life can be long enough, busy enough, and thoughtful
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wastage on a mg-for-mg basis than chlorthalidone . 34 'PRQPRANOLOt HCI [INDERAL® LA]
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injected subcutaneously. A proportional amount of each culture was injected
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the disease to serious complications or accidents. It is to be borne in mind
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(common salt) in water. It is called " normal '' because it has the
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wound. 8 - 91113 - 20 - 2S P multocida-'mfected wounds have the
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and then you will give your children a fortune which no mercenary spe-
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Fi^-?^^ M.D., F.R.C.P., of St. Thomas's-street, Southwark, to Kiuily
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broad ligaments exerted. Thinking that a stitch inserted
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that recovery is the rule or even frequent. It is well known, however,
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The interesting points in the clinical history of this case
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city and faradism, have been found of great benefit. It is
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Iron Peptonate, jrr. 1; Nuclei n So l ution, utt. r> ; Glycerine. Sherry Wine and Salt q. s.
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formed. Regulation of the diet is the best preventive.
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manifested itself soon after the administration of this medicine ;
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twenty-seven. In seventeen its movement was more or less impaired,
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headache, giddiness, formication, numbness, slight paresis of a limb, or one
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as high as 1,800,000, while 33 per cent gave counts higher than
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the development of other and graver affections, by impairing health and