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different diseases in various organs that we can hope to arrive at

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This disease, also called tick fever and spotted fever, is an interest-

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leasing the forceps, thus causing an unnecessary amount

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affected after it had partially subsided below. It affected

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post-ofiice erected in the porter's lodge at Queen's Col-

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more independent spirits, Rembert Dodoens (Dodonaeus,

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the end, and not at the beginning of the disease. This diminution

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It constitutes a division of medicine called prophylaxis. The name

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The patient has been on the police force 11 years. At the

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Physician to the Victoria Hospital for Consumption, &c.,

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excepting charlatans. Allen claims he has received equally

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for the vaginal group, who also stayed 1.9 fewer days.

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should be under strict civil service, and an appointment should

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Dr. E. WL Kellogg presented a paper entitled Suggestions in Oallsfone

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7th. Early this morning the difcharge reappeared, of a puri-

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(15th), the Pathological Society held a meeting, and

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Sensations and organic reflexes are normal, except occasional incon-

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It is to be noted, of course, that therapeutic abor-

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Medical degree shall be held in each of the Queen's Colleges,

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nothing else was this man's savior, but the selection was the

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toxication of acute ileus should always be considered in the cHnical

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health services such as physicians' services, physical, occupational or

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smooth curd. Peptonization or changes in the color never take place,

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tions, place the gauze charged in a wooden box or hot chamber, and apply a heavy heated

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gible for experimental chemotherapy in her gravid eondi-

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without cutting and formed a hollow shell from their