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willing to admit the superiority of the straight over the curved forceps. It
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22. Hershey, S. G., Zweifach, B. W., and Rovenstine,
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Otology, on Monday evening, the 16th inst., the following
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irritability of the stomach, and exciting pain and com-
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a sultry court-room, under the staring scrutiny of a
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department of the subject is beyond my purpose and the
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Catises.—Kre often caused by bad fitting collars and saddles;
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extent of the tumour. The absorption first excited in the living
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Symptoms. Nothing may be noticed, until the mother finds the
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consequently is so markedly a peculiar disease, as gout. It is true,
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single trace of the insidious disease; they often have even a very florid
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changed. Wheat flour and oatmeal should be substituted for rice-
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a veritable M.D. Massive books lie in the basement window-seat, that
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Strychnia, on the other hand, is efficacious chiefly in re-crcating
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tal temperature 36 C. December 3, 6 A. M., both still very sick; 8 A. M., serum
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