the recovery of newly born infants, apparently dying from

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diseases which causes tliis metamorpliosis, has been abundantly disproven.

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in Cairo by Bilharz at fche poat-mortem of a child.

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cological Association. Vol. III. Third session, held

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from the folds approacliing each other at the moment

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Traumatic peritonitis usually begins with severe pain at the seat of

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into practice, Professor Grant would not have had the merit of

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resin, with compresses, and soft bandages in sufficient quantity, but not ap-

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pulmonary oedema, extravasation of blood (apoplexy),

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vei^ similar to that of the last Difficulty of swallowing suddenly appeared during

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kinaesthetic sense, the power of localising touches is usually deficient, the

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Contusions." He discussed the various causes of injuries to the

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ripheral irritation in producing chorea, as Gowers says,

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exhibited on the table somewhat similar effects could be got by those

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portion of Illinois, empties its accumulations of organic

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left side of the heart ; the patient perhaps has ulcerative endocarditis, or

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the presence of moisture in the form of vapor or mist. This

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Tincture of Iodine, dropped in hot water, will yield a vapor which

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glasses vision in the right eye is now 6/24, but the paralysis of the rectus per-

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from time to time to keep the quantity at one pint. One-fourth of this

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during the Week ending Saturday, March 2, 1872, in the

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A s no disease has so often been considered the opprobrium

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the existence of a relapse, or complication, and all other circum-

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patient, in different parts of the body. Thus, West says, "The skin on

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tions immediately; and in rheumatism and gout they are an infalible remedy if persevered

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First assemblage of Congress, 263 ; Index Catalogue and gov-

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When erect the legs are not widely separated, nor is there

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done good service. It gave passive exercise to the muscles; it

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short time, to his great pleasure, the parts were restored to their natural

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be distressful and anxious ; he is giving orders that relate

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February 23. Cutaneous test with horsehair protein moderately positive.

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changes are found, more marked than could be accounted for by an acute

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