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Lord H. Lennox rose in reply. He said the House was

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experience with them writes thus : " These women shoiild

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ape. This wide leap in classification led Professor Owen to assign

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the best. In the winter, however, it is necessary to wait

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conjunction with the specific serums and vaccines in the treatment of Erysipelas,

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to recognise the haloids when mixed with each other in

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there are numerous instances on record where hemor-

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teeth. The case was interesting in that one half ounce of an

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-Berg. Arch. f. Schiffs. u. Tropenhyg., Leipzig, viii, p. 329.

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to floating mucus in urine that has undergone fermentation. The finding of

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caution and care cannot be exercised in its administration. Most of the fatal

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Dr. Schweninger, Bismarck's Leibarzt, to a position in the

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G. A. MoYNiHAN. Published by W. B. Saunders & Co.,

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the Province, many of whom are not only going to destruction

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chest ; varying "from time to time, in seat, character, and loud-

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nothing save what was told us by tJie glib detail man who sold us the

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through boyhood until puberty, when the erections incident to

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ipiently coincide, but <>xert no inlliience on each other, tl. If in some

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of man-midwifery, but much of his work was done in London.

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and from the nose, mouth, bowels, uterus, kidney, and stomach ;

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being cordial and carminative it possesses a degree of

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tion ; there was nothing except the presence of the tumor, and not-

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modifying the morphology of the micro-organism. The electricity

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given in a glass of water every hour for two to six days or longer. By this

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glycolytic action of the bacteria and pus cells are

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of granting charters and revoking the same ; particu-

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Sudden exposure of the air surface of the lung to extreme

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ney could no longer dilute the urine. It was at this