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retina or papilla with slight neuritis optica; 3 cases of choked

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rend. Acad. d. sc., Par., 1837, v, 478. — lYIoiitaiic (L.) In-

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openings were carefully searched and nothing abnormal

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On the day of discharge the following routine is adopted

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lieved upon the recognition and appropriate treatment of disease of the

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metallic tinkling results from the entrance of the air entangled with

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university was likely to be. As the majority of the trustees

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possible in choosing his life work. As the appetizing quali

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that fifteen grains would be sufficient for a supposi-

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House-Surgeon by the application of cold and pressure with

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The general conclusion arrived at was that there was, in

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discover itj supposes it does not exist, and consi-

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53 hours after strangulation, and survived six days. In No. 3, the

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in severity in the fourth week of May. The range of temperature between

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can be got under its influence ; but morphia does not require the

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the surrounding surface, feeling as if a patch of soft

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albuminuria, is the sole indication for the induction of

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wide-spread indignation against this system, strange

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receiving the least benefit, — that man, he said, were he in Abys-

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in many, a number of small white granules were seen, and others, in

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position to sneeze disappears. This shows that it is the

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the operation are modified. In the last case, the local effect comes on

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If you are pregnant or planning a family, here are three

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under state control the various antitoxins for use in all state

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vascular system, or accidentally more often the seat of congestion. When

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yet been introduced into Europe, would appear from the general im-

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sisted in making the usual incision in the hypochondrium from

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stem from a mushroom, and lay the upper portion,* with the gills lowermost, on

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rare cases in which posterior -basic meningitis has caused hydro-

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However, one soon falls into the "manana" (to-morrow) con-

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influence. In short, he is a first-rate naturalist, near-

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ago, thus describes what happened after operations :

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made, the patient was fairly moribund. At each sub-