and alkalinuria.^^ He was able to demonstrate that myoglo-

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Liver normal in size and appearance. Spleen enlarged and slightly

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prevent delays both in acceptance and in publication.

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plish the best results the solution should be used once in

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than elsewhere in the organism. In discussing the subject

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Art. XIV. — Principles of Physiolofjy, General and Comparaiive. By William

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often attend these complaints, particularly when the stom-

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"how long it would take to cure her girl," and before I replied

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tation or reaction followed immediately, but before the time for the

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somites. Eyes exist as small, dark dots on the dorsum of the body, behind

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examined the stool, removed the substance alluded to, and

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fessor Copland in Marischal College. Sailing for China wliile still

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palpitation, exophthalmic goiter, acute and chronic tobacco-poisoning, fever) .

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Transportation. Was moved 100 miles to St. Leo's Hospital.

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Associate Professor of Gynecology, Toronto University.

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spiritual than that which had passed away before them,

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When I first saw the case the patient was profoundly under the

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being so well cooked before being sent out that it is only necessary

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ture from books ; from such as are governed by outward appearance, and

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The machinery of home could be made simpler and better

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naturally, and there are a number of tooth-germs m different

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tent fever is of a high t)^e, the temperature reaching io4°F.

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to render it improper to remove it, to adopt the method first suggested, I

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point of injury ; especially if mechanical injury have

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the flexor tendons of the wrists, the tendons about the malleoli of the feet,