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There need be, on the part of the retailer, no fear of a hard-

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and coma, with death. This, however, develops gradually, and in

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upwards. Moreover, the character of the nystagmus may change with

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been ime where all the stops of the operation had been carried

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Recommendatory Preface by Dr. Hofmann. In one large octavo volume, extra cloth, of 662

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daily, with only an occasional intermission. However, the

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In the latter part of 1883 he commenced practice in Riverdale,

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one. An infectious case is after all confined in a room or in a hospital

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als, it may be the accessory cause of the development of tubercular

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posed to send to the same Committee to deal with. But I

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He was an honorary fellow of this Society. From 1897 to 1905 he was

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the well-known opinions and assertions of former writers as to the

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circumference. Near its termination the artery became

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is syphilitic; she has had a large number of miscarriages ; and it seems

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be obtained in a case of malignant new growth, as I myself

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University he was a graduate, but as specialist in pathological

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symptoms attacking one nerve and then another, the history

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mediary layer ; and the serum floats above. The clots produced by bleeding,

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Now there are two dangers arising from a blow on the skull, it may be either

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filtrates of urine in diffuse room light for twenty-four hours.

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pelvic glands had followed very quickly, and the patient's condition

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McBride the Medical Board of the Presbyterian Hospi-

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of recurrent sinuses and fistulse. The skin over the affected part may be

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genous or amylaceous substances : consequently our old-established plan of

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operation, but the surface was still cold. She has had a continual desire

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pain or spasm and persistent vomiting, accompanied with more or less pros-

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I object to the habitual use of purgatives on two grounds chiefly.

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which the alimentary bolus reaches the level of the isthmus

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The American Journal of Insanity. Edited by the Officers of the New York

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the standpoint of prevention this is an exceedingly im-

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approval of the incoming President. This should be announced

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Dr. McLaughlin — What is proposed to be struck out is : " The fifth or final year shall