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equal severity during the day and night, and such as almost
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fider thefe precipitates lefs iimple than they are commonly
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patient died of some obscure trouble in the region of the gall-
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Is now published, and may be obtained at the Journal office. This volume is much larger than the first,
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finally recovering without the formation of abscess.
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that we will not, until assured of the fact, believe
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228-237; no. 4, 36-69.— Bellows (G. E.) A case of oculo-
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tion as well. (7) In a few cases a nitrogen-free diet
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ciation with gout, as Futcher 1 points out. In these cases the nodes rarely
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clonic spasms, so that all such spasms ceased during the performance of a
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which have, in a measure, been lying dormant, and to keep up that exer-
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friends are often better satisfied if the drug be prescribed. These considera-
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rectum. He prefers the former because we require the rectum
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according to the Stromeyerian method by the late Dr.
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Berlin, to Mesmer in Paris, that he might study under him.
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al utility. That we are not allowed to hope for the latter,
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Ellingwood's Therapeutist $1.00 I -pt,. f„.^ - , -
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plate, showing placenta pisevia, and you will see in his
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number which had better not be exceeded in a single ward, I need, therefore,
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only audible when the roughened surfaces are in contact, and when
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shay, of Cleveland ; Uterine Fibroids — When to Operate, by
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" In addition to these subjects new facts and cases
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wiping out tbe cavity of the uterus like- fections, owing to the variety of clinical
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large, and it may be added the methods of making a proper diagnosis in the
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writer inav think fit to undertake. In the present instance,
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than 13.6. The prognosis of herniotomy for strangulated inguinal hernia
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instead of this he now carefully disinfects the cavity, introduces absorbable
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isfactory : the dyspnoea ceased almost immediately ; there was no renewal of the
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n which an ante-mortem diagnosis was not made, the patient dying
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it on this occasion. The patient being seated in a chair, the operation was per-