disturbances, generally incontinence. Marked pupillary disturbances were

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all the teeth, whether sound or decayed ; or when the pains involve the-

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impossibility, were nothing more than capillaries, and the spores

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however, frequently found at autopsy, since their formation in most cases

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urethra, and guide it past the wound into the bladder.

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8ity has passed away ; how, then, can we suppose that the same

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strabismus of the left eye, the paralysis of the body

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and another stating tliat it was a fibrositis due to toxicmia as a result of

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absence of sound, indicative of engorgement and consolidation ;

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pondence, suggested a shoulder on the tube, to overcome

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organs of digestion need a prolonged rest. Patients

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-crum than in those inoculated with B. welchii antitoxin, seems to

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While treating of the different forms of gastritis, reference was made to

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honorably passed two examinations in mixed sciences,

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gums much affected. Sept. 2d, calomel, gr. xx., with opium gr.iss. 7th, sore

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Fig. 10). In the most cellular parts stroma is present as a moder-

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the use of ipecacuanha in small, non-nauseating doses ; one-half to

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our institutions that the densest ignorance does not dis-

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containing an intrusive organism profoundly dangerous

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or Latin terms used by the old Mineral Faculty, will

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were 221 killed and 2,945 injured. The total number

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tific data with expert opinion.” This involves a review of

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delay of this kind, it is rare, in my humble experience, to have a live

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three articles or segments; the abdomen is globular

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week. Dean Campbell, of the medical faculty, in his annual

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discharging disease of tlie skin, with abundant scales far more lustrous

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in the Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia ; Pathologist to the

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generations of the teachers who have served this school

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ward with the assurance that there is no cause for alarm; if posi-

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must always be rare. But the day has already dawned that is to

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said, now ladies, this is as wonderful as if I j Morbid Anatomy. — Having now done with

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the pericardium, which had been dissected by tin effused

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from the treatment adopted. Undoubtedly many of the methods success-

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The virulence of the organism varies with cultures from different

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and easy method, in which the Tourniquet sits upon the

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animals does not sufficiently explain these facts, clinical

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Lawrence and Lowell, necessarily suffers through im-

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And Don't forget that money is required to conduct a medical