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turn the tide country ward and induce persons to seek homes
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or of a citron colour ; the teeth generally loose, and
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Life-History.— The adult worms live chiefly in the jejunum of the
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reference is made, is difficult of access, and Dr. Toner's
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fornicatus. A certain degree of localised anaesthesia is also seen in some
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a cause of rapid death. The fatal termination is due to the accumulation of
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it a glance — then he picks it up. Then he gives it a closer
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marked stridor. If laryngitis do not coexist, the voice is devoid of hoarse-
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those developing the disease, the time element clearly indicated a
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(6) As a rule, in the beginning small hemorrhages occur for several weeks
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radio-spiral, and ulnar nerves. 2. Carbon and Nitrogen.—
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is more fatal than one of two hoiu*s ; one of eight hom's than one of
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important statement. Orme and Haighton are mentioned, but Lowder
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Bacteriology has been employed as an aid to diagnosis. The method
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honia. With the chloral, there was no action at the end of some
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sanatorium of Mussoorie, on the Himalaya Mountains. This is not
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and water. Opium should be given in large doses, preferably
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cles of the hair, increases the secretion of the pitui-
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has caused the death of her new-born bastard, whom the jury will not
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substances, and from the insight he has attained in
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borne disease. The epidemic described by Duprey which occurred at
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which the inhabitants of Great Britain now swallow, as compared with their ances-
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cies, although he groups it with figures which appear to be diflFerent
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astragalus for talipes varus. Tr. Am. Oithop. Ass. 1895,
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black cohosh, in fine powder, taken in doses of five
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ches left by the former process to which it was subjected. Those
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volvement is lacking or not extensive. Of 64 cases analyzed by Harz,^ 22