(2) That in each sanitary district a registered medical
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patella is by no means so generally satisfactory or so free
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quent canse of Bright's disease, has been called in question by Dr. Dickinson
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the operation was performed. One of his patitrnts had had an
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year since 1872. This diminution is true of graduates
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tinct and complete circulations of the blood. Each portion of blood which
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foetal blood must result from the indirect exposure
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the Profession as mirrored in the Association. Indeed, to the
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heart by the by-gone inflammation. After the subsidence of
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2. The negative results of our microscopic examinations are con-
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iodine have been employed is seized on as affording proof of
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governed by similar motives, and are influenced in a similar
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hereafter consist of one surgeon-general, with rank,
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piece of crude potash into the sinks every week or two; the
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3. That it is essentially a toxemia, resulting- from the absorption of
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table, that the tubercular deposit was finely nodular and not as yet
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these cases, special care was made not to either take
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affection of his limbs. But results quite as good follow with-
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viding a penalty for the practice of osteopathy, etc., in
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four days dead, was only gently pinched with the forceps, and yet a
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rise to sleeplessness if taken on going to bed, but if they are taken
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well on the stomach, produce, sooner or later, thorough
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garded as amyloid. Investigation of the anamneses showed that
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19th inst.. Sir J. C. Jervoise asked the Vice-President
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sea and vomiting, go very far to remove the most distressing syiYiptoms,
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began to beat slowly and faintly; gradually, respiration was restored, at
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freely, the previously determined amount of electricity
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man or woman who has been blessed with perfect vision is very
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stenosis and thirty-eight were cases of aortic regurgitation.
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sified notably by pressure with the stethoscope. A feeble cardiac impulse
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in the case of old persons, a fatal termination is not uncommon. The
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public must be enlightened as to the poisonous nature of the sub-
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quite in sympathy with his friends, the orators in the cart
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in the cases which are primarily malarial in origin. If quinine be
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for education, and here the achondroplasic child will learn little, since his
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be directed to fall upon the scalp. Dr. Murchison recommends