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10m. doses of liq, soda? chlorinatas three times a day. and this was

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walk lame, lose appetite, and show general disorder and fever.

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Systi.m we meet with numerous proofs of the careful and

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but this was followed by such profuse hemorrhage that the

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ferred nitrous oxide. He did not wish to be regarded

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fering not only with the comfort, but even threatening the exist-

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often be made in marked cases of deformity by manual

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the followers of Mohammed were wresting from the christians the

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grs. of the hydriodate in 5 i of rain-water, and of this 10 drops to be given

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ITIilchrll (T ) The causes of deatli in five cases in a col-

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Institute in New York showed that some of the worst

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period during which his attention is allowed to wander, and

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not palpable. After the middle of July the tongue was clean.

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niargement, and in the other case there was granular degeneration of the

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With respect to the conditions which surround the operation, with

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ordinary unsavory and harmful products of the decom-

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abscess of the chest wall, which had existed 2 weeks. I saw

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entertain a doubt of its occurrence, but the greatest doubt is

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trated with blood. On raising the liver, an aneurism

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adopted by them. At the departure of the occupant the Health Officer should be

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tonishment, of the 73 persons so treated, only one had

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in determining the degree or danger of depression or debility

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It is only a few years since Langenbuch was obliged to

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affection of the intestinal tract and abdominal lymph nodes and two other

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573; loss of the uvula. Farlow, J. W., 573; intra-peritonoal hemor-