17. Reports of Committees appointed on County Communications, Resolves, &c.

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method of administration suggests itself. If, for instance, 0.5 mg.

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area in the vertebral column which- we may consider as con-

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material, which he took to be free haematin resulting from

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Potassium iodide is invaluable, and the constant current not

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has detectable antibodies to that organism. First, the

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learned, however, that the patient shortly before he vomited

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sodomy and paederasty as common crimes, about the ex-

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Dear Sir, — I am requested by Mr. Macpherson to acknowledge your letter

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Rankiiig's Abstract, vol. xxxvii., from Gazette Hehdomadaire, Nov. 28, 1862.

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as does digitalis. Hare showed that toxic doses caused an arrest

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some things which should not pass unnoticed. Although by no

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low ebb that ulceration takes place, the same as in dysentery. The

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18,467, as against 17,690 in 1888, and 16,864 ^^ 1887.

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them off as a viper or as some deadly spell. The mishaps of life are the result of

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ascending colon, and several coproliths could be pal-

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the meninges are already reacting to the specific toxin, and

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of increase, of itching, of ulceration, or the like should be removed at once,

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review 7 has not existed until this year. In order to

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catheter has been provided, and the urine flows promptly through the short

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A placental polypus may also be the immediate precursor of the

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scars through the gland and separate the tissue into lobular masses, and in

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two hundred thousand people of ills which their physi-

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38. Turck : Die Prlorltllt der Sondlerung von Oesophagus, Magen

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the subject the report appears very consistent, but

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first case was officially reported. All of these have been at San

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The diagnostic points prior to the whooping stage enunciated by Eustace