ceotre. At the same time the name of the object was pronounced in the child's
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for the general good. But I can truly certify, that after an experience
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when heliotherapy should be instituted. In April the tide began to
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Gentlemen, we are willing to co-operate with you in your efforts
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satisfactory condition. The reports of the various com-
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rural districts where there is no drainage or sewerage at all, and no
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mechanism may continue to perform its work for many years.
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acquainted. The books tell us that mercury and iodide of potassium should
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effect on future operations should not be overlooked.
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chitis, or, if one wishes to diagnose etiologically, a catarrhal coccus
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shroud. The entire right arm and half of the right side of the chest in
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stethoscope enables us to hear separately two sounds
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tion I have on the subject, and to emphasize what has
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ent. These physical changes or degenerations of one
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of the anterior and posterior ends of the inferior turbinal the collection was
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and soft palate, the incisive portion of the superior
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Complications. — ^Meningitis has been rarely noted. Convulsions some-
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