number of plants defcribed, the confequent formation of new

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precipitate coma in patients with severe liver disease. Observe

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For poisoning by the sulphuric, muriatic, citric and

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pass on to Chapter XII., which is headed " General Considerations

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typical form of Graves's disease, of nine months' stand-

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business man, the sponges were applied ovily at night, as

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pendicitis lasting two weeks. A second attack began

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involvement (loss of bony outline m the S-l joint, sclerosis

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form of the disease is subsequently developed, nor, on the other hand, is

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without enteric lesions. On clinical grounds this point had already

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sionally Unvei". Leucocytosis is intre<iucnt. There is pallor with a sallow

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During the last four weeks he has lost the use of his legs, and

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empirical data, that a proposed treatment has been useless

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Hansen (H. F.) Synopsis of cases treated at the eye

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the anteroposterior diameter of the thorax due to atmospheric

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doses— five or ten grains, given six hours apart, until a slight ringing of

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in cases where there is no loss of bony suljstance, is the contraction of the

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:nee-joint. Shot were embedded in the patella, tibia, and

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ous. The state of affairs was explained to the patient and his family and they

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Warning: Generally, this drug is not proposed for use in females and certainly

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4°. Ulceration of the cornea can undoubtedly arise as a consequence

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appearance than formerly. When examined some two months

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cauterization in cases of trachoma, claiming more ac-

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him to remain on his feet. Superficial pressure produced pain,

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required size, at least two layers, sometimes three, being used. These are

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decide upon an operation except in consideration of the pa-

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tion. The only peculiarity in the case was the manner in which the

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