the globulin in serums causing a trace or no hemolysis, while the aver-

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made of that country, the Southern, Central, and Northern, and of the different

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both original and translated, appearing in various American and

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to be able to save a man's hfe when wounded by one of these

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some relief after every such vomiting, but this relief is transient, and

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handles. Then, by slow traction, I drew the head through

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the same manner as are those of to-day; that is, they

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characteristic illustrations, opens the Popular Science

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greater, and the pulse harder, fuller, and more forcible, than

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first point. The second point is the irregular char-

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prove the efficacy of a medicine which most practitioners

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stasis produced by carcinoma, or, again, the addition of congestion to

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been called before a faculty, and in a city where there is a Faculty

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tbe tbigb. Med. Circ, Loud., 1800, xvii, 52.— IVorlon

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that it was the infecting germ of clap. But many modern and ex-

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and pulse. Bacteriologically, a diagnosis of septicaemia may be made

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The slowness with which the influenza colony appears in its initial growth

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vertebrae, on the left side, rather more than an inch in length, in the

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Medicare and Medicaid patients. Unless the prescriber

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portion is the lower half of the anterior aspect, while on the posterior surface

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49. — Rex v. Camplin. The details of this case will be found in Beck'^s

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of Students and Practitioners of Medicine. Fifth edition, revised, with nearly three hnn-,

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tissues and profuse wound exudate) or the use of such dilute solu-

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Long, Draper Lyon, s, a, w, sp, Mason City, Iowa. A.B. (Grinnell C.) '28.

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He was taken to the station-house by the police where

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Saginaw, Mich., 1890-91, ii, 13-16.— Duel (E.) Le piocta-

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tracheotomy, operation should be performed. The oper-

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subsided. Merc. 5. On the following day the ear discharged