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mostly the fact that the termination seems to be at the throat.

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the bronchitic symptoms disappear, but the hypostases extend ; en-

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irrespective of the visceral changes. The suppurative primary diseases

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increasing, modifying or localizing not only intermenstrual

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tant formations as the ova. Yet in the early stages, before

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Arhythmia is not uncommon, but in most cases is merely an intermission

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rose but to perish, have yet in their decay, cried victory !

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Thorsdat, October 10th : American Rhinological Associa-

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must be attributed to functional or anatomic lesions in the region of the

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as plants or animals are deprived of the sun's rays they become defi-

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The differences here pointed out are clearly demon-

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called the skin, and by a still more highly absorbent membrane on the

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Pfeiffer (T.) Bericht iiber einige neuere Hiltsmittel zur

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the earnest, energetic desire of the author to advance the best interests

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were formed not as some would believe to be a ladies’ social group, but as

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tion. Two stout metal arms, carrying the camera, are immovably

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New Catalogue — reduced prices — sent on application.

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I am inclined to think it was, first for reasons api)ertaining to the bowel.

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when corruption has filled the summit of human degradation and guilt;

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Abdomen, rectum, and genitalia . — In old age the ab-

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good " — that, " though some of them were honest men, such was their

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Lupus vulgaris yields easily, but care must be taken not to give

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Chilliness, followed by profuse perspiration, unattended by mitigation of

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Alphonse Fontaine, Laval University, Montreal, 1892,

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ing, as a consequence of tension of the soft parts; abscesses and

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rapidly forward hereafter. After leaving several intervening

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ment of phthisis. The harmfulness of overcrowding and

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recommends the following process as the most convenient.

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with Dakin's solution and then closed or allowed to close. I look

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gree of injury. In these cases at least it could be proved

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of hsematemesis from acute ulcer, and unfortunately two

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frequently after gonorrhoea treated without injections as with them; I could