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. Remarks on Chinese Pharmacy. By Gustavus L. Simmons, of Sacramento, Califor-

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and spells? shall we look to the rude empiricism of the unlearned?

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resort is aloes. Aloes acting upon the lower portion

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Jan. 19, 1895. The streptococcus erysipelatosus was cul-

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(2) retention beyond their normal period of the milk teeth,

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an operation from delayed formation of new bone cells, due to eburnation and

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toward operating upon older patients with extensive

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hip accounting for the state of the spine, pelvis, and lower

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85. On the Therapeutic Actions and Uses of Turpentine. Dr, J. Warburton

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the body is more and more bent forward in the effort at coughing ;

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to the Benzidine Group, Science, 1914, xxxix, 443), bases a hypothesis of the

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why, in a family, the parental stocks of which exhibit neuropathic

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the normal route, although there was still some ffecal matter

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phlogistic plan more strictly than is generally done; low diet

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off from those parts of the femur and tibia which ^re to

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Besides this she took two grains of gray powder three times