modelling ourselves into better form; and accordingly, the
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of Emergency Physicians Emergency Medicine Symposium. Sher-
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reports a case in whicli the injection of only ten drops
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the adhesion of the false membranes to the tube and the viscera,
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although inserted out of deference to the Rivers Pollution
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mpils were widely dilated : the body was covered with dust as if it had been
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great diminution in weight when incised and drained of fluid. The normal weight
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there are periods of great distress, followed by partial or
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selves," and, without delay, let us put in the hands of Dr. Rogers
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have somewhat modified my plan of treatment. I have treated
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may be used. Inhalations of Ammonia fumes are also of value.
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of visibility, even with the highest microscopic power, and
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between the fingers, and section through the epiphysis will show swollen cartilage
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the seeds from which many, if not all, cancers develop. Impervious to all can-
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healthy tissues at the edges of the annular lesion, and
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the ones drawn will serve my purpose, and are so common that all of
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nal, at p. 978. As the immediately following paper was on a closely
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About one hour later she went to sleep, and slept the greater portion of the
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method adopted. That the fertilizing properties of manure are not im-
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with the kind of house, but produced by other causes, such as occupation and
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is through a beautifully wooded farming country, and
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cocaine anaesthesia, lessens the resistance of the tissues
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frequented, and, as I ate my solitary dinner, he would
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the office of excreting the contents of various cavities in
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it seems, however, to be thrown overboard by the iridectomists.
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gle nigiit's occupation ; nor are the cheaper hotels
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five grains two to four hours apart. Two to five grains of Alum may be
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As a page in the Virginia senate 44 years ago, Clarence
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but he wished to state his opinion that it could only be very rarely that the
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and attached to the uterus — a diagnosis which was very near