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woman in her confinement of her eighth child. The patient was a middle-sized,
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Especially interesting in this connection is the observation of
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Hsematomyelia of the filum terminale is characterized by integrity of
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series of experiments with this agent upon animals and man, and from
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ing of fibrin with a few cells, in the arteries, both in those of large size
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fermentations. The yeast-germ in addition to alcohol
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diately replaced. If its appearance is doubtful a fillet
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horses, particularly in such acts .as galloping, jumping, &c.,
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or shall use or employ any instrument or other means what-
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more rapid than on the first occasion, all the symptoms yielding in a few days. The
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keynote to all the work of the Society, and progress marked all
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List op deaths arranged according to date of occurrence.
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Accounts from Bagdad of the 7th of December state that the cholera
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when he had any, in attending medical students and personal friends
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Rand, B. Howard. [M. D., Late Prof., Chemistry, Jefferson M. College, Philadel-
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Many newly-formed vessels, springing from the intercostal arteries,
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vary much in different individuals in accordance with their different
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nection of dytcrasia with the origin of morbid growths, h. Second-
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from which she recovered excepting some slight eccm-
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ounce of serum in the left pleural sac. The lower lobe of the
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Rennet, 3 to 5 ounces per 1,000 pounds (10 to 15 cubic centimeters per 100
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normal-sized heart and great vessels. If the heart be much enlarged,
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he believed it was a useful mode of treatment. The point before the
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disorganization along the whole course of the intestinal canal, with ad-