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the previous occurrence of rheumatism are points to be taken into account.

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kidneys are deficient, as in the last two cases recorded in the fol-

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pression, causes the most marked stagnation in the periphery of

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origin may radiate into the radial side of the forearm,

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ered with cotton and water-proof material (varnished paper), the entire

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Society; Dr. W. H.Day; The Registrar op the Medical

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a drop of such milk in a range of a hundred miles. When

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Board of Health work are among the most responsive to be found in any

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mal. During the period of hyperpyrexia excessive amounts of creatinin

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progressive character, so that, in the highest degree, in a very short time,

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cally the same conditions were found in each, so that a

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carditis. A diseased artery has been found going directly to a local patch of

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results. The State Board of Health, through the laboratory of hygiene,

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canal were more congested than in health, the congestion being greatest in the lowest

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Further reducing the saturated fat intake to less than 7 %

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My diagnosis was chronic mammary tumor (adenoma). Gave

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Waldeyer, Vice-Presidents; O. Lassar, Secretary-General,

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its first settlement, and occasionally with very great mortality. In the

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The palpebral fissure is diminished in size ; the eyes

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ly, with an urticarial eruption upon the elbows, fore-

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embraced the nerve roots. Where these alterations were the

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indicate its approach. The blood may at first be observed on the

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be about two or three pages typed with double spacing.

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of the cicatricial web, and used a tent to keep it open. Underneath all

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the head was elongated, aild in others again the tail con-

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faculty of rising in the air against the force of gravity, which

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attributes much good to the prolonged rubbing, not only on

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instead of this he now carefully disinfects the cavity, introduces absorbable

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index of the arterial tension, and to a great extent

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costal cartilages) be implanted in a similar way, they do not take up

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with a few osseous and cartilaginous nuclei. In one case it was

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I burial, requires to be deodorised, there cannot, I