Lungs : Show a slight miliary bronchopneumonia with edema and congestion.
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four divisions : Those of simple diarrhea ; those in
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in which the daily amount of phosphoric acid was 1.34 to
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while inoculations of portions of the lymph nodes into animals was attended
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of the nervous .system to ha;mophilia, malarial haima-
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bistoury should be drawn firmly across its surface, mak-
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vermin, etc., which he is unable to shake off. These symptoms
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manifestations in most cases. In case of doubt active antisyphilitic
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spiralis in the substance of the muscles. As a rule, they are
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ative to the spinal cord; its use in tetanus may be laid aside, except in small doses as a
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not, as a very general rule, linked either to headache, injected eye, or
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It is hardly probable that reactions of the kind here men-
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married late in life ? And second, do the catamenia in such instances always
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with the passage of these calculi from the liver to the gall-bladder, as
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length of tlie line of ascent, in different pulsations, shortness of this line in a
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Experimenting first on plants, he adopted the method
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more extensive than in this, it affords very strong, additional proof,
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vaso motor paralysis exists in a high degree, or that some
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and General Life Assurance Society, both offices being amongst
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elicited, and there is no jaw-jerk. The knee-jerks are brisk,
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life, or some time after birth. In all cases the cause of this is obscure,
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each case was abandoned. The advantnges thymol pos-
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gained about 9 pounds in three months, and but for a slight morning cough,
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of the ligature was an unfailing appearance. It is not possible to
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that man must be insane." Two years ago an investigation took place into
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To precipitate the uric acid, and also to remove the small amount
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Dr. J. T. J. Battle: Could we have a journal without advertising?
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remo\'ing them and examining the stomach-contents. Bar-
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Nevertheless, latterly, Arango, Chaparr, Mestivier, and
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were limited to the execution of her orders. During the
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scopic appearance of the gland. Eight animals (dogs) were
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