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upon the young adult population of the agricultural villages by London

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equilibrium between the gelatin chloride solution and the outside

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most unfavorable circumstances. Admitting the seeming simplicity

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Deaths from Tetanus during a period of 50 years, in Savannah, Ga 25f>

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April •2nd, when Dr. Pollock would read a paper on

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1868.] Report on the Health of the Navy, 1863-64. 805

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tively inert, containing few, if any, bacilli. The growth of the

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resolved, on May 29, 1866: "That the Medical CouncUave of opinion, that

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some years ago by the English sanitary authorities,

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Thomas, of Tours, described a peculiar accident, the ef-

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Cerebral venous congestion. The symptoms of passive congestion

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