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performed. Often in these cases the second state of the man is far
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vitis. The use of the Rontgen ray and the electromagnet in the
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dition be recognised, do not order any cardiac tonic, but rather
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Intestinal toxjcmia, in the sense here regarded, is a common condition
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eloquence or adornment of words, but this only have I done that
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scope, if specimens of blood are obtained just prior to or during the
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F.R.S., Prof, of Pathology in Army Medical School, etc. London: Charles GrifiBn
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wliicli are more likely to take place owinj^ to tlie i>ar-
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" If, however, lithotrity includes, in its general results, so
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Configuration Alone, the Ethnical Type to which It Belongs (Philadelphia:
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a kind of wart, and had rapidly increased. When I saw him,
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the phenomena of fevers and inflammation, the nature of contagion,
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the pupil; the latter, however, dilated pretty well
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borax and Mayweed rendered it in many cases more effectual. I have
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tarsal conjunctiva, and sometimes in the fornix or even
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will be presented. The special topic for this year’s article
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points. He frequently contents himself with making quotations from
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the spine may be slightly lengthened, allowing the protru-
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given in a glass of water every hour for two to six days or longer. By this