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Nephritis is in all probability a result of the influence of the
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of blood- clots were found in the pericardium, the heart was
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sheep, and, in place of merely cutting the spinal marrow, the head was
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Dr. J. S. Prout, of Brooklyn, had called the attention of the
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tive the indications for intervention are usually dis-
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Chir. J., 1886, Ti, 24-26. — Kellogg (E. S. ) Subcon-
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keep the stomach in a relaxed condition, and thus favor
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they ever had. It may not be said of all, but I believe it can be said of
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1866.] Medical and Surgical History of the Rebellion. 191
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under the care of Dr Playfair in consequence of Dr Ritchie's
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that the pain cannot be inflammatory, for she has been subject to
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under state control the various antitoxins for use in all state
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berculous subjects benefit most from the hygienic hospital
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