drain, thus shutting it off from the general peritoneal cavity,
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While the dinner was proceeding there was a smoking
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On the 2Sth, the extremity of the ulna was found denuded
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At the hip, military statistics, though not decisive,
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absorbability of its proximate principles ; yet in many cases
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sooner or later, to demand surgical interference for its cure."
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subperiosteal growth, excepting in the giant cell variety which
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immediate return of the symptoms of peritonitis, under which the
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were trained in sterile extemporaneous compounding of bulk intravenous
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four hours ; hot-water vaginal douche with one-half per
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and most injurious intestinal worm found in swine. These
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found drowned. It would, however, be certainly unjustifiable to
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I believe that the success of the hot mineral waters, as
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grave & Basset (L.) Diagnostic et traitemeut medical
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us say, a watchmaker or a proof-reader, has in reality received a far more
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Institute I saw among others a case of sarcoma of the
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with a woman of the name of Fanny Lazarus, slie was sworn an inter-
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this, that Vulpian was thinking of the case of the Count de Chambord. He
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whilst in some instances they may be recognized very soon after
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was " a man of intelligence and education who was for nearly eleven years an
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chis is due to a paralysis of the corneal nerve fibres resulting
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it "is just as foolish for the laryngologist to at-
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efficacy," Several strict indications must first be
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other hand, if the bacillus is found, would it not be rational to doubt the
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Publication Office: Mt. Royal and Guilford Aves., Baltimore 2, Md. Editorial correspondence should be
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rapid and easy calculation of high calory diets with any ketogenic-
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According to Wiltzack we possess in lycetol a tolera-
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The period of quickening is selected as that after which the
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cluded in the point scale, and makes various suggestions with
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stimulated by pricking it with a hypodermic needle. He
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science, but after dissection the body must be sewed up and buried.
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ophthalmia, where the resisting power of the cornea is greatly dimin-
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they are apt to become so manv lunatics, whom he has to inspect as
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Neznamoff '^ paints the mucous membrane of the lids with a solu-