62. E. 1847-60. C. 1835. 39. 50. L. 1839. 42. H. 1841. Cor. 1838.

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discrete manner, or are more diffuse in outline, merging imperceptibly

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symptoms during a period of some twelve years, notwith-l

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dependent upon "unusual conditions favoring diapedesis" remains

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Tlie Clinical Features depend greatly on the irritant

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it be an ignited solid or liquid, an incandescent gas or vapour, an

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typhoid, recognized by a positive Widal reaction, malaria, recognized

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Tlio Kuiiio. Urintol, Ki»j;luiiil : .lolm Wii^'lii \ Co.

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The bladder appeared normal and the ureters though tightly

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Ten days after the deligation of the vessel, there was a little numbness in the

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urate. These tumours leave ulcers which have edges that readily

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in practice. Vaccine immunity can probably be acquired, as that of

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Journal of Cutaneous and Genito-Urinary Diseases (N.Y.), June.

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contained a liquid organic body in a quantity superior to urea, and

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Berkley found microscopic changes in the neurons of the brain. Inflam-

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mecinal taste, photosensitivity, lacrimation, leukocytosis,

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II. Ablation complete to apex of axilla, with removal of pectoralis major

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or recumbent posture, and if at labor or at his games takes every oppor-

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contraction may prevent the collateral circulation from adjusting it-

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systematic writers have termed it, is universally admitted, and

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some cases of secondary malignant growths in the brain the symptoms

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The bubo seldom maturates till the fever is on the decline,

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known pathological condition whatever, some most serious morbid

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affections as typhus fever, dysentery, cholera, and the like. Dr.

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to expatiate. Alluding to the following very just reu»ark of Dr. Bell,

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which way is preferable, the extraperitoneal from the lumbar

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one-half hour before emptying. The person caring for the patient

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becomes especially apparent when the muscle is excited elec-

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contained a liquid organic body in a quantity superior to urea, and